About Me

Artist and Scientist
I love art and I love science. There is no better mix of the two than Photography. I taught black and white photography lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill while a student. I have continued the tradition of 35mm film photography and digital photography.

I enjoy writing about my photography and am working on several books related to both specific cameras and my 30 years of photographic work and study so that others can learn both the art and the science.

While I started solely in Nature Photography, I have branched out to documentary work to capture life and our current society.
Leica cameras do not take great photographs, but many great photographers have used Leica equipment. In fact, early 2014 marked the 100 Year Anniversary of Leica cameras. The reason so many, including myself, use Leica equipment is the "glass." Leica "glass" or lenses, are made with several generations worth of study in light, aberrations and physics. Leica lenses have long out-resolved both digital and film cameras. This is one reason old Leica lenses still perform well today. The quality of the image produced by a Leica often needs no manipulation to improve it - if the photographer truly understands the science of exposure.  Leica lenses have the ability to shape light.

My equipment consists of a Leica MP, MA and M3 (a 35mm film camera bodies), a Leica Monochrom(246) (a black and white digital body) and a Leica MD(242) (a color digital body). To out fit these I use various Leica M lenses including an Summilux 24mm f/1.4, a Summicron 35mm and 50mm both f/1.4, and f/2.0 APO corrected, Summilux 75mm f/1.4, Summicron 90mm f/2.0 lens and others. Specifically, I enjoy using the Noctilux f/1.0 for some occasions and the 1960's Summicron 50mm Dual Range lens with film.

I still use 35mm black and white film with color filters, developing it and scanning it into the computer for storage, processing and printing. I have really enjoyed shooting black and white digital with a camera that does not shoot color. Black and white photography is truly inspiring because of the thought process.
Things to Note
I have been honored that several of my images have been selected as Master Shots with LFI (Leica Fotografie International). I have had a few prints sold at auction for charity at a reasonable price and I have published several photographic collections in print. I have published one book that was very specific to an Adobe Lightroom add-in and I am working on a photographic series that is both technical and user friendly so it will appeal to beginniners and those that want to hone their skill even more.
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